When I had started with Zujo. Most of had asked me, why do you want to build another video sharing app while there are plenty of apps already.

But every time when I heard the question, I was sure about my reason to build another app which will give better way to expressing ourselves and make it our passion.

Here is detailed reasons behind my passion of creating Zujo.

Share what you feel

I always had a dream of doing what I feel good to do. I think that's how we all are ambitious. We love to do what we feel right. we share what we feel.

It gave us freedom to engage with everyone across the world and chance to express ourselves.

Our mission is to "Give everyone freedom of being passionate" that's why we are building video-sharing app where everyone can record and share what they are feeling through bunch of bytes over the internet.

Follow your passion and make it your profession

I believe when you follow your passion it amaze the whole world. It is like art which gave us all satisfaction. I had seen so many video creators want to make it their profession.

We are helping them for the same. We are giving them opportunity to share creative content and expose themselves

Make it Useful

A useful content is pure, raw, naked and fundamental. It is quality thinking which connects to curious and avid audience.

A useful content forwards you to actual information rather than content which is curated to be trending.

Follow your passion and make it your profession

We believe that content creators should be paid on quality of their ideas, imagination and creativity rather than getting attention of people that's why anyone can join our Partner Program and earn money. To read more click on below link.

Zujo Partner Program: A place of reinventing
Partner Program creators are paid based on how members watch your content. As member watch whole content, creators earn more. We also distribute a portion of each member’s subscription fee to the creators they watch most each month.

Join as a Video Creator at Zujo

We had launched beta version of "Zujo: World's first interactive video app" , Looking forward to your "Suggestions" in comment box and "Subscribe" for more updates.