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Zujo, Why Another video-sharing app?
Zujo is world’s first interactive video sharing app which enables a way to share what you feel in your community and also enables data driven analysis to creators of video.

I remember whenever I want to learn or enjoy something on internet, I usually ended up with the content which is very good for SEO or Search but never ever useful.

It was made to be ranked at first place but not to feed my curiosity. After experiencing this, I thought that this could be problem of everyone because internet is place of information created to be popular but not useful.

Zujo partner program is unique in it's own way. It is home for content which is not popular or trending, but useful.

A useful content is pure, raw, naked and fundamental. It is completely opposite of what we had learnt so far. It is quality thinking which connects to curious and avid audience.

We believe useful content worth.

We believe that content creators should be paid on quality of their ideas, imagination and creativity rather than getting attention of advertisers that's why anyone can join our Partner Program and earn money.

Join as a Video Content Creator at Zujo

How It Works

1. Upload your best content

Share your creativity about something that passionate you. Reach to your audience and ask them to give feedback.

2. Put your useful content and get chance to be premium

Once you reach to 5k followers and 30 videos, You can apply for premium content where you will have freedom of length.

3. Earn from your content

If you're in Partner Program. You will earn money when subscribed users watch your videos.

4. Get paid monthly

Each month, we will deposit your earnings into your bank account after verification of KYC.

5. Expand your audience

Your story doesn’t end here. Keep creating about what you love to build and broaden your audience. We’ll help spread the word, too.

You’re rewarded by viewers, not advertisers

Partner Program creators are paid based on how members watch your content. As member watch whole content, creators earn more.

We also distribute a portion of each member’s subscription fee to the creators they watch most each month.

Zujo Upload Guideline

Make It Advertisement Free

Zujo doesn’t accept advertising. Please don’t market yourself or other products, feature advertisements, or include requests for like or donations.

Be Yourself

All images and videos must be your own, or must be used with permission or citation.

Keep It Useful

Zujo viewers are avid and curious. So we recommend to upload your best ideas and avoid fluff content.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do you need a Zujo membership to upload in the Partner Program?

No, you don’t have to be a paying Zujo member to join the Partner Program and start earning. If you do subscribe to be a member, your monthly membership fees will directly support the creators whose stories you read.

How much will I make under the Partner Program?

Partner Program creators are paid monthly based on how much time Zujo members spend watching their videos. The longer members watch, the more creator earn.

In addition, part of each member’s subscription is distributed in proportion to their watching time every month. So if a member spent 10% of their time watching your video, you’d receive 10% of their revenue share.